5 reasons why you must visit Indonesia in 2017


Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world and is made up of over 17,800 islands. Completely endless beaches and places to explore. You can call it as “melting pot of cuisines and cultures.” Home to number of different inherent ethnic and linguistic groups, an immense range of flora and fauna as well as incredible natural landscapes. Indonesia as a whole is a great place to visit and has much to offer. Here are my top five reasons why you should visit Indonesia.

Explore Indonesia

1. The Indonesian People and Their Rich Cultures & Traditions!

Nothing speaks louder about a country than its residents. Indonesians are usually known to be friendly, smiley and always ready to lend a helping hand. They had a tagline of “the land of a thousand smiles.” Indonesia continues as a complex mix of cultures, strongly influenced by a myriad of religions. The world famous Balinese dance tells myths of ancient Buddhist and Hindu kingdoms while the Islamic culture portrayed through art forms and architecture. Whichever part of Indonesia you go, you’re bound to learn something new!


The architecture of Indonesia serves as a kind of blueprint of its culture, history, and diversity. The houses and buildings reflect the lives of so many ethnic and social groups. Chinese, Arab, India and European are evident throughout the architectural landscape, and every building has its own story to tell.

2. Islands and Beaches!


Indonesia is all about the Islands and beaches. Indonesia is known for its long stretches of white sand beaches. The clear, cool water is perfect for a refreshing swim, and the high waves are ideal for surfing. Indonesia is the precise place to travel to if you ever dreamt of unloading everything and going island-hopping. Well, with some 17,800 islands spreading between two tropical oceans, it would be hard to believe any other place on earth where land, sea, and sky have combined to produce so many utterly breathtaking strips of sand of such total variety. If you want to enjoy some water sports like surfing, go parasailing, ride a banana boat or just lay out in the sun, Indonesia is a place where all of this can happen. BALI, Should I say more?

You can spend quality time at the famous Kuta beach in Bali. Dignified mountain scenery and stunning beaches, it is no wonder Bali is a hotspot for tourists. The aforementioned magical island is home to vibrant cultures, green landscapes of rice fields and dotted with incredible beach resorts.

3. Food In Jakarta!

Indonesia often called as the “Food Capital of Asia.” Spice, spice, spice anywhere and everywhere. The perfect sense of spices occupied most Indonesian food. From street food shop, restaurant to high-end dining, you can be sure to satiate your appetite in Indonesia. Indonesia’s favorite is Bakso, which is typically beef balls served in a bowl of yellow noodles or bihun (rice vermicelli) topped with an imperative condiment – sambal. Signature dishes to try are Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) and Mie Ayam (Chicken Noodles). Nasi Goreng is an Indonesian national dish – fried rice, usually with vegetables or chicken. The only thing different about Mie Ayam is noodles instead of rice. You can get it wherever – in warungs, eateries by the road, on the street, in the restaurants.

4. Stunning Volcano’s!

As Indonesia located in what is called “the Pacific rim of fire” which is one of the most active volcanic zones in the world. It has 160 of 850 knows active volcano in the world. That number alone scares me just to live here. Bromo on Java, Batur on Bali and Rinjani on Lombok are the most popular ones. Mount Merapi has been recorded to erupt at least 68 times since 1548. But also it shares the beauty. In Bromo, you can watch the sunrise through the haze of steaming craters and peer into the earth’s bubbling core.

5. Wildlife of Indonesia!

Indonesia’s rainforests are home to some of the highest levels of biological diversity in the world, as diverse as its marine life. From great apes, tigers, elephants, and monkeys (lots of monkeys) plus one great lizard are just some of the more notable critters you may encounter.

Komodo Dragons – World’s Largest Lizards. Weighing up to 150lbs, fearless and possess toxic bites, allowing them to hunt and kill far bigger animals, even humans! They exist on just five Indonesian islands – Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang, and Padar.

Every region has its habitats and animal. You can enter the river across the jungle to see an orangutan in Kalimantan. You can meet the dragon, largest living lizard in Komodo island, Flores; Watching the bird of Paradise in Papua. View mammoth elephant riding in Sumatra.

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