Vaya Tyffyn – Revolution in Lunch Gear!


As I’m a foodie and also interested in technology, I was really surprised when I was invited recently to the launch of something called Vaya. I was wondering what it is. I was told it’s going to improve my life! I got to know that it’s a revolution in lunch gear. I thought of checking it out at the wonderful ITC Gardenia hotel in Bangalore. I was assured that from that day on wards, I would be assured of Piping hot meals – curries, dals, soft rotis; all, served from elegant tiffin boxes that are soon going to be the order of the day.


The event started with standup comedy performance by Tamil Actor and Comedian Karthik Kumar of EVAM group. He had the audience in splits about the traditional rivalry between Bangalore and Chennai. He delved into his memories of eating lunch from tiffin boxes and was wondering what innovation Vaya had bought to the lunch gear industry!


Finally we had the big moment we were all waiting for. It was the launch of Vaya Tyffyn by Vashist Vasanthakumar who is the CEO. He said that Vaya Tyffyn , with its proprietary VacuTherm technology, incorporates correct amount of vacuum within its copper lined cover shell that helps in heat retention. Products are designed to keep food hot even after six hours of packing, which means, at lunchtime, users are sure to enjoy their meal, hot and fresh! Each Vaya Tyffyn comes with its own stylish and smart shoulder BagMat, which unzips into a table mat. Attractive graphic cover designs make the Vaya Tyffyn a great gifting option too. Currently, the product is available on the company website,


Some Vaya Tyffyn Features as follows:

  • VacuTherm technology – Double walled high vacuum insulated stainless steel cover shell that traps the rising heat and helps retain heat. The stainless steel cover shell is also lined with copper coating
  • Three High quality copper finished stainless steel containers – that retains the freshness of the food as it is packed
  • Stainless steel side latches that puts positive pressure on the container lids thereby preventing leakages.
  • Double-shot container lids additionally help in preventing leakages of contents inside the container
  • Finger grooves on container lids for smooth opening of the containers, and prevent spillages while opening.
  • Sleek and compact – Vaya tyffyn can snuggle into any bag, and easy to hold within one hand, similar to holding a laptop.
  • Every Vaya Tyffyn comes with a smart shoulder BagMat, which unzips into a table mat. This BagMat is water repellant and doesn’t stain.


The advantages of Vaya Tyffyn:

  • Vaya Tyffyn with its proprietary VacuTherm technology, is designed to keep food hot even after six hours of packing, which means, at lunchtime, customers are sure to enjoy their meal, hot and fresh!
  • With this heat retention feature, one need not re- heat their food in a microwave, thus preventing the unwanted radiation effects
  • You don’t need to stand near a power socket to heat your lunchbox. (And would you trust your kids with electric units)
  • The product is leakage-resistant. Hence, no worry about food spilling out. In fact, it is so reliable; one can carry Vaya Tyffyn confidently in their laptop bag
  • World class design – Vaya Tyffyn comes in a sleek oval-shaped stainless steel body, with attractive graphic cover designs. With its BagMat, Vaya tyffyn adds to the style quotient.
  • Vaya tyffyn makes for a great gifting option which its recipients are sure to cherish and use every day. Not every gift is used on a daily basis by the receipient


Vaya tyffyn currently comes in a 3-container version, priced at Rs 2,500 for a box. It is currently available in three graphic variants – Graphite, Maple and Wool.


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