Experience the Future of Shopping at Van Heusen Style Studio


I was recently invited to the launch of Van Heusen Style Studio in Indiranagar area of Bangalore. I was thinking it would be a regular fashion store launch but I was pleasantly surprised to know that there has been a lot of technological integration to make sure that we could experience the Future of Shopping at a retail level there.

What caught my eye as soon as I entered the showroom is the Fit Suite which recommends appropriate fits & size depending on someone’s body type. You just have to enter the Fit Suite, stand in position for an accurate scan and collect your personalized card which will have all information about your body type and fit sizes.

You have to hold the 2 levers in the below photo according to your height and hand position. There are cameras in the wall which scan your entire body and give measurements like your shirt size, waist size based on your height, width and chest size.

The trial rooms had style simulators in them which recreated the ambience of occasions like Day, Evening and Night with the right lighting and music. So you could know how would you feel when you wear a certain dress at office or at a cocktail party.

Virtual Trial offered a way to experiment with different looks without actually trying on different dresses. No need to stand in line for trying out different dresses. You can get different dresses, scan their bar code at this Virtual Trial and you can see how each dress looks on you.

It was interesting to note that to develop the Vane Heusen Style Studio, the brand has worked with partners like FITCH – Singapore and Experiential Design Lab – Delhi. I tried out my hand too in trying out a t-shirt and denims using the Virtual Trial and I was pleasantly surprised. I was also shocked to see how real it feels as the t-shirt and denims shrinked & expanded on the screen as I moved forward and backward.

I tried out the “My Fit Station” which is a cool innovative solution that gives a consumer like us the power to create the perfect fitting garment for our body type. Consumer can choose the fabric, sleeve length and the right fit too.

Of course as always Van Heusen has trained consultants and style recommendation apps which help in providing personalized style recommendations. So don’t worry, there is always the human touch to aid the technology which makes our lives easier!

Try & Compare mirror allows me to take a snap everytime I try a garment and then compare the looks to select the right one. So it’s bye-bye to taking selfies by wearing different shortlisted dresses and then comparing them. Of course this mirror also allows you to email yourself or a friend your selfies.

It was good to interact with Mr. Vinay Bhopatkar, COO of Van Heusen and People, who said that Van Heusen Style Studio is focusing on elevating the shopping experiences for their consumers and at the same time simplifying the shopping process through the use of various digital experiences. Don’t miss checking out this store on 100 Feet Road Indiranagar in Bangalore.



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