Unlimited Fun at Universal Studios Singapore!

Universal Studios Singapore

I’m sure everyone already knows what it’s Universal Studios Singapore (USS). Fans of Hollywood stories like Jurassic Park, The Mummy Returns, Madagascar, and Transformers sure to make this place as a destination of their dreams because they can see almost all the characters in many Hollywood stories in one location and the same time.

Universal Studios Singapore!

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore or commonly abbreviated as USS, located on Sentosa Island. USS is divided into seven zones which are all cool-cool. I love how they furnish the park with all Reviews those tiny details. The zones are Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away, and Madagascar. Because this USS twisted shape like a circle, you would pass through all zones.

Meet and Greet at USS!

Betty Boop!

Oscar the Garbage Monster Sesame Street!

Rey & Sunitha with Minion!



Vin Diesel – Wax Statue!

Hollywood in the zone, you can see the typical architecture like in the movies. Also, there are typical Hollywood Walk of Fame, a lot of characters such as Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe hang around for a meet and greet. And not only them – Woody Woodpecker, Po from Kung Fu Panda, Betty Boop, until Minions often spend time in this area!



Move on to Sci-Fi City, and this zone is the place you who like sci-fi like Transformers and Battlestar Galactica. All the rides in this area exciting!

After Sci-Fi City, you will move to the zone Ancient Egypt. Loves to see the architecture tall with light brown color typical of Egypt. The most exciting rides in this area surely Revenge of the Mummy, the roller coaster that is full of suspense and surprise!

Revenge of The Mummy!



Riding the Roller Coaster at high speed, sudden backward at high speed then there would be a too sharp derivative of adrenaline you. Travel the world of ancient Egypt’s dark and mysterious with high-speed Roller Coaster. (Not recommended for pregnant women and the elderly).

Shrek 4D Adventure!


Sitting in a comfortable theater to watch the adventures of Shrek save Princess Fiona. Splashing water, wind and seating that moves make you feel going on adventuring to save the princess.

Acrate’s Madagascar Adventure!

Join Madagascar four character Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria on an adventure along the coast of Madagascar. You will be invited traveling on the boat to beat foosas at the edge of the crater of the volcano with the help of the penguins psycho intelligent. Fun-Filled Ride!

King Julien’s Beach Party Go Round!

Whirling carousel ride on the backs of cartoon characters of Madagascar. This is the carousel-themed Madagascar. Highly recommended.

Puss in Boots Giant Journey!


New addition to the USS, has recently opened a new themed ride Puss in Boots Giant Journey! Still, remember the story magical beanstalk giant in the movie Puss in Boots? Well, this journey takes us adventuring with Puss, and Kitty glyph belongs to Humpty Alexander Dumpty looking for the golden egg to save the orphanage, San Ricardo.

What is unique is this adventure starts from the kitchen Giant, where we can see the recipes unique (and creepy) belonging to the giant man-eating. The cable car that could fit 9, we will be taken to fly against gravity and glide with thrilling twists and turns. Long queue for 30 minutes paid off well with the exciting experience for 2 minutes.

THE LOST WORLD – Amazing World!

Jurassic Park Entrance!

Jurassic Park Rides!

Ride with Rey!

Divided into two areas: Jurassic Park and Water World, for fans of the blockbuster movie, you can experience for yourself how the atmosphere of the tropical forest where dinosaurs are hiding, see Pteranodons flying in the air is an experience that is unbelievable. Exciting, we carried over into the age of dinosaurs.

Water World USS!


Then at Water World, you can watch the impressive performances in films like “Water World” original, this show will be enlivened with scenes of explosions of fire and water jets are original. It was sensational!

Things I Liked at Universal Studios Singapore:
1. Views and impressive buildings.
2. Various types of games that can be tried.
3. Did not feel tired going from one place to another (even if USS is quite large).

Things that I do not really like at Universal Studios Singapore:
1. Many people (the time I went). Extremely crowded.
2. Food and beverages are sold near here were not satisfying!


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