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Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail People who know me, know that I have always been against the idea of owning a car in the recent half a decade or so, since app based cabs have come into market. I believe more cars will only add to more traffic congestion on the roads which in turn leads to more pollution. The planet suffers and our weather goes to extremes like very hot in summer or very cold in winter. I have always been of the opinion that as cabs are used in turns by multiple people, you don’t need to invest on a car but invest on other important stuff for you and your family.

go site Pollution is one of the main reasons I support sharing cabs or taking cabs. The recent Smog in Delhi after Diwali and the regular Smog in Mumbai due to Pollution is a grim reminder that due to CO2 emission, our cities are suffering due to more and more vehicles being added on the roads and emitting poisonous gases. Bangalore itself recorded its highest temperature in more than a century this summer. And things are only getting worse. So we should swallow our egos and opt for ride sharing in cabs or opt for pooling than wasting 1 cab or car per person while commuting somewhere.

go Uber is doing a great job in initiating people to the benefits of ride pooling. It is one of the most hassle-free and efficient pooling services. From Dec 16th onward, you can take a pledge at Uber SwitchToPool website which has seen more than 34,000 pledges till now which has saved over 10 lakh duplicate KMs, 47,000 liters of fuel, 1 KG of CO2 emission and of course 4 crore in rider savings!

go here To promote people to use pool more often to not only save the planet but also save money for themselves, Uber has come up with a unique campaign called #SwitchToPool where you can win 1 whole free month of UberPool in just 3 simple steps!

  1. Pledge – Open your Uber App, go to Promotions tab and add the code given here ( fresh beat band dating each other SWITCH2POOL)
  2. Pool – Ride on uberPOOL through Jan. 4, 2016. Every trip counts as an additional entry to win.
  3. Win – Pooling enters you into weekly drawings for a free month of uberPOOL. Winners to be announced each week on Thursdays, now through Jan. 5, 2016. Come, let’s together make an impact by switching to pool and reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions. You will be able to track the collaborative impact in real time and Uber will also send you a personal impact report each week to see your individual contribution. So let’s go ahead and make a difference before the end of this year to make a wonderful start to 2017!


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