Never travel abroad without travel insurance – here’s why!


As a travel blogger, I’m invited to many countries like South Africa, Great Britain, Scotland, Singapore, Hongkong and Sri Lanka to explore those countries and write about my experiences there. As I travel to a new country, there is always an apprehension about what kind of challenges and issues I might face there and how I’m going to overcome them there. Some countries have every expensive medical facilities which we won’t be able to afford in case we meet with an accident god forbid or need to go in for a surgery or medication. There is also an imminent danger of Airlines misplacing your luggage or losing them and you getting stranded in middle of nowhere without your work or daily war!

An incident happened to me recently which showcased to me the importance of Travel Insurance. Many a times I buy tickets at a very cheap rate much in advance and then plan my vacation. I planned a vacation to USA and was wondering whether I should take insurance or not as it would add to my costs specially as 4 of us in the family were traveling together. I decided not to go for it but at the last moment, a friend told me it would be advisable to take insurance. Reluctantly I bought the insurance online.

After we had a fruitful trip to USA, on our penultimate day I had severe stomach ache. I was hoping it would go away with some medicines but that didn’t help. I had to be rushed to a hospital where they diagnosed me with appendicitis. I was told to get the appendix removed as soon as possible. Luckily I was saved as I had bought medical insurance as the costs can be quite prohibitive in the USA. God forbid there was an accident or something major, my family back home would also get good amount of money as insurance.

Glad to see that companies like ICICI Lombard provide multiple options of travel insurance depending on the geography. There is not only cashless hospitalization worldwide but also sum insured up to $500,000 in Western countries and up to $25,000 in Asian countries. Buying medical insurance on sites like ICICI Lombard is very easy as you don’t need to undergo any medical test and buy the policy instantly online. They also provide coverage for total loss of checked-in baggage and approved plans for Schengen Visa requirement.

Life sure is unpredictable as recent series of Air accidents has conveyed. It is better to be safe than sorry by Insuring your travel so that there is not just peace of mind for yourself but also for your family and friends. Travel Insurance acts as your friend and guide in unknowns lands where you are going to travel!

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