Tigerair – great way to fly into Singapore from India!


Tigerair has really made flying into Singapore from many destinations in India very easy. You can easily fly in to Singapore from Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad at convenient times and from there fly to West coast of USA or Australia and New Zealand. The check in process is very simple and hassle free as I realized at Bangalore Kempe Gowda International airport. TR 2653 flies daily from Bangalore to Singapore at around 1am midnight and TR 2652 flies daily from Singapore to Bangalore at around 10pm; thus making it convenient for travelers who don’t want to spend overnight at a hotel to catch early morning flight.

As I entered the flight, I really liked the Black leather type seats and very spacious leg room in almost every seat. It didn’t look at all like a budget airlines as the comfort of every passenger was taken care of in a very professional manner. Tiger Tales was the in-flight magazine in which you can read about the attractions in Singapore. It was great to know that Tigerair boarding pass provides discounts to many attractions in Singapore! So you not only save money on your travel but also save money on watching lot of attractions.

One good aspect of Tigerair was that those who pre-booked their meals got it piping hot and was prioritized over the regular passengers who didn’t book meal online. Booking meal online doesn’t just give you a discount but also ensures that you get the meal of your choice.

While going to Singapore, I had Soya Sauce Chicken Rice which retails for about 12 Singapore dollars. This was diced chicken braised in soya suace, complemented with Chinese mushrooms and quail eggs and served with fragrant rice. The flavors were really wonderful and opened a gastronomical window to my Singapore trip!

While returning from Singapore to Bangalore, I had the Singapore classic Nasi Lemak chicken. The flavors were delightfully Singaporean and quality and quantity was really sufficient for 1 person. I was also given an option of coffee or tea which was quite huge quantity for 1 person.

As we were descending into Singapore, I looked at the stripes on the wing of Tigerair flight. As a first time Tigerair traveler, I definitely feel like I have earned my stripes. Service was top notch and non-intrusive in case you wanted to rest. Cabin crew were cheerful and friendly.

Tiger Air is offering some really good discounts right now for Singapore’s 50th year celebrations. You can fly out of Chennai for as low as Rs.8000 or so. For more information check out Tigerair website at or connect with them on Facebook. I had been invited by Singapore Tourism Board and Tigerair to celebrate the 50th year of Singapore which is trending the social world with the hashtag #SG50.

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