Kids see their dreams come true at Thomas Town and Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in Johor Bahru Malaysia


A visit to Johor Bahru was planned of course to please my boy (Reyansh). Moreover, Johor Bahru has become quite famous in the past few years since the presence of Legoland Malaysia. One of the most famous attractions in Johor Bahru is the theme park known as Little Big Club which has Thomas Town and Sanrio Hello Kitty Town.

Well! Little Big Club! What is that?

Little Big Club is an indoor theme park that consists of various characters who are members of HIT Entertainment. But here in addition to characters like Thomas, Bob The Builder, Barney, Angelina Ballerina, there is also a “bonus” of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town.

The Little Big Club is located in Puteri Harbour, not far from Legoland Malaysia. Many people reach here via buses from Singapore or Johor Bahru; one can reach Puteri Harbour via taxi or Uber too. There are a wide variety of small shops in Puteri Harbour area too.

Reyansh Selfie

After eating, we went straight to the Little Big Club. Tickets for the Little Big Club are RM 125 if you want to go to all floors. Oh ya, first-floor consists of Barney the dinosaur, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina and Pingu. The second-floor consists of Thomas Town, and the ground floor consists of Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. If you just want to go to Thomas Town or Hello Kitty Town, Tickets cost RM 85.

Let Me take you to First Floor!

Bob the builder

On the first floor, we were spontaneously greeted by Bob The Builder. Rey loved it. The show was cute and all. Reyansh particularly liked Bob The Builder more, he was significantly excited as he knows his slogan “Yes we can”.

Bob Ride

There were some really fun Bob the builder rides including this slide. Rey was impressed. Yes, very hard to impress kids these days.


Barney Show

Barney the Dinosaur Live Show!

He wanted a change, all of sudden! He wanted to see the home of Barney. Wooden houses of Barney’s in every serial comes to real life here! We clicked a photo with Barney the Dino! In Barney’s house, children can play inside and there a lot of fun rides and slides too.

Bob's Truck

Besides Barney area, there are also areas “Bob The Builder, Pingu and Angelina Ballerina.” That is pretty exciting like Bob The Builder are where kids can ride the truck and role play as a builder. The area is also well equipped with the some pretty big playground. Reyansh relished driving the Truck.

Next Stop Thomas Town!


The floor unveiled incarnate the Island of Sodor, the residence of Thomas and his friends. The second-floor satisfies with various “rides” which are kids-friendly! Thomas and Friends theme park has Thomas the Tank Engine himself, helicopters ride, windmill ride, and crane ride. It was cute and fun.

Heli Ride

Reyansh enjoyed Harold’s helicopter ride with mom, he was happy, and he felt like a pilot.


Thomas The Engine Ride was pleasing for my Rockstar Rey.


In addition to rides, Little Big Club also has Live Shows. Rey went near the stage for this event. Thomas Town Live Show was very interactive and made the children dance. Reyansh danced his heart out with kids and enjoyed it. This time we were pleased to see him.

A backbone for Little Big Club: Meet and Greet!


Reyansh Meets Barney The Dino!

Reyansh Meets Angelina Ballerina!

Reyansh Pingu

Reyansh Meets Pingu The Penguin!

Every hour there is a character of Hit Entertainment moving, the characters greet the children and give chance to take free photos. Reyansh met all the characters. See the pics and happiness in Reyansh’s face. He loved it, we loved it!


A fabulous place for kids who likes to enjoy to play indoors with their favorite characters. Well maintained, immaculate place, not too crowded. The rides were extraordinarily fun especially the Thomas Train ride. We had a great time and will visit again soon.

Another Fabulous Place – Sanrio Hello Kitty Town!

Hello Kitty

The Sanrio Hello Kitty Town at the Puteri Harbour. Little Big Club Family Theme Park, is a place that engages to pamper Hello Kitty fans with their plenty of things to do with the beautiful white kitten with no mouth and a red bow.

Rey and we were greeted by the windows by a set of spinning teacups. The amusement ride by the entrance of Hello Kitty to young kids and of course adults who are young-at-heart. Reyansh enjoyed the teacups, and we also enjoyed the activities. Virtually everything is in pink, and it was candied!

Reyansh Cookie

Reyansh Decorating Cookie!

Rey got to decorate Hello Kitty cookies, and he was delighted. He could eat it later too!

Sanrio Hello Kitty’s Home!

Iconic Hello Kitty house has perfect living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and wardrobe with all decorated in Kitty-chic. Reyansh got to decorate cookies, he made an Origami Hello Kitty Doll and a few other stuff, but overall activities are really fun.

Hello Kitty House

Reyansh inside Hello Kitty House!

There are loads of cafes and eateries inside Hello Kitty town itself or you could head to few fine ones facing the Puteri Harbour too.

Reyansh – Meet and Greet Hello Kitty and Daniel!

Hello Kitty Daniel

Reyansh with Hello Kitty & Daniel!


Loved the indoor and air-conditioned theme park, it is easy and no-fuss. The crafts that kids made can be taken home. That’s a very nice gesture. It is really good for kids from age 2 to 7. Prices are really affordable too as you can spend more than 5-6 hours here attending all live shows and meeting all characters. Definitely recommended!


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