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The Beer Cafe at Whitefield – the house of beer!


Recently visited The Beer Cafe at Whitefield. It is the destination of India’s largest collection of beers. It has nearly 50+ varieties of beers from around the world under one roof. As per my knowledge and research, these beers are from 17+ countries. If you are a beer enthusiast then – The Beer Cafe is your destination.

Rather than drinking and enjoying beer we need to know everything about our brew – sounds surprisingly right. It is possible with Blippar App. As I’m a beer enthusiast; I like to try more experimental styles. The power of beer is a reputation to The Beer Cafe, and they help all consumers to know their beer better.

The Beer Cafe’s unique and kick ass initiative is called “Know Your Beer.” This program is visually beautiful as one can navigate the features in Blippar app which engages and educates consumers. The Beer Cafe Motto- they want to give their every customer a truly world class  experience on every visit.

Some questions often appear when you are having a beer – what’s the place of origin, the alcohol values in beer, what are different types of beers are available and finally how does it taste. For all these questions, Blippar app is the answer.

I tried few beers and food items; let me share the details below:

First to the party was Hoegaarden, a Belgium Beer – This brand’s unique and standout feature is a combination of happy and sorrow. Just kidding it’s one of kind tastes – sweet and sour beer. It includes slight bitterness, little spicy along with a strong touch of coriander and a final hint of fruit Orange. Hoegaarden is perfect for warm summer days, refreshingly and naturally different from other beers.

Next, I tried Krombacher Pils & Weizen both the Germany Beers – A unique, subtle bitter taste and a full-flavored aroma. Advanced rendering processes enhance the traditional recipe while magnifying the natural products that have been used for generations to create this unique brew for Krombacher Pils.

Krombacher Weizen was well-adjusted wheat beer. Vitamins, proteins, and minerals stay conserved during the brewing process producing a naturally tangy Weizen golden color with the unique Krombacher essence.

Later I turned towards cocktails, Beerjito and Beer Rita!

Beerjito was a delightful beery version of the classic mojito topped with mint and white rum, and it’s the only comfort you need after a tiring day.

Beer Rita was a powerful fiery burst of taste created by triple sec, Tequila, and lime. Bitter, sweet and sour, this beery drink is a must have for anyone with adventuresome taste buds.

Finally tried out few food items in Beer Café from the new menu!

First was Chicken Olivetti. It was cooked with black olives wrapped in marinated chicken pieces served with mustard mayonnaise. Delightful and finger licking for sure.

Next we tasted Crunchy Dahi Roll. It was prepared with Dangling curd, moderate spices, fried to golden crisp. It was crunchy and tasty as well.

Finally Kohliwada Fried Chicken. It was outstanding and marvelous. You know Kohli right, he never disappoints us. Mumbai’s excellent chicken recipe preparation, with red hot chili, curry leaves and served with chipotle mayo. This wrapped up my day at The Beer Café.

I enjoyed my time at The Beer Cafe. The place has fantastic ambiance and gleaming music at the same time. They have a vast collection of international beers and have excellent offers on the local ones too. The food is fabulous. The service is prompt and the lads working there are very pleasant. They asked if the drinks were okay or if they can request the bartender to adapt it as per our taste. Definitely visit recommended for all Beer Enthusiasts!


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