Sprouter App – connect different social media accounts to 1 platform


A student at University of St. Thomas, Minnesota; twenty-year old Daniel Everist, has launched a mobile app that aims to connect popular social media accounts into one platform.

The app, called Sprouter, connects the most popular social media accounts: Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Spotify, Pinterest, and VSCO. Users sync their accounts with Sprouter and create one username. Then, when meeting someone new, users can share their Sprouter username and give access to multiple accounts.

It was in a cramped dorm room that Mr. Everist first realized this idea could work. He was a freshman at the University of St. Thomas and surrounded by his friends all introducing each other. Then, as is customary in 2017, they pulled out their phones.

“One by one, we all started adding each other on social media,” Everist said. “It takes a while when you have different usernames for each social media account.” Having one username with Sprouter, he says, would simplify the whole process. “There needs to be an easier way. Like an address book for social media,” he said. One year later, Sprouter is now a reality and available on Google Play and the App Store. Users can download and try it out, here at

Currently Mr. Everist is launching the app in Bengaluru, India with the latest features built into the app and also learning the Indian culture and enjoying the Indian hospitality.


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