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Best of Parsee Cuisine at Soda Bottle Opener Wala


Finally, I’m here at Soda Bottle Opener Wala. I have been eagerly craving to go to Soda Bottle Opener Wala ever since it opened. SodaBottleOpenerWala, from the Olive group, gives you a concept that is unique to India – the dying legacy of the beautiful chaotic, crowded, bustling, colorful, quirky, cluttered, eccentric world of an Irani café. Soda Bottle Opener wala appears to be a tribute to the dying legacy of The Bombay Irani Cafe. And Irani cafes, back in the day (the 1980s) were recognized for their typical food and quirky menu!

Anywhere you look in this restaurant; it gives you Parsee culture impression whether it is décor which is simple like old switches, photos, lights, chairs, and table (which takes you back to early days of Iranian café culture), etc. The food here is served in old style cutlery, ceramic and steel inclusive. Even water is served from glass milk bottles in tall chai glasses. Talk about reminding people of the good old days!


SodaBottleOpenerWala is your terminal for Bombay Irani Café and Bar with all its characteristics in place. It brings with it standard Parsi cuisine, some Irani specialties, pearls that sparkle on the streets of Bombay and signatures from European clubs, along with a well-stocked bar – in fun, quirky and contemporaneous avatar. I know you cheer for their food, now they have introduced a new menu with a variety of options for vegetarians & non-vegetarians.



Now time for food review, here you go:


First, I tried Crispy Corn Bhel. The real taste of Bombay lies in its street food, and the bhel is a must-do! Think of all that your favorite chaat would put into a Bhel, ranging from onions, raw tomatoes to peppy spice powders. They mix them all together with cooked sweet corn; you have a lip-smacking snack that will tickle your taste buds! Crispy Corn Bhel with flavors reminiscent of those Chowpatty visits.


Next, Special Par Eedu Collection – Keema and Khari. Mutton mince is cooked along with a variety of whole and dried spices and topped with a boiled egg just before serving. Each of these dishes tells a story of Bombay’s street food, and its constant growth to contain the food preferences of its new settlers and their cuisines, and merge it into its own.


Sausage Par Eeda (Pork) – One helluva sausage. In my opinion the best-flavoured sausages in the whole world. Cooked with peppers, potatoes and onions it produces a mind-blowing pork sausage, which is paradise to eat.


Tareli Rainbow Trout – The beautiful, crispy-skinned, pan-fried trout. Rainbow trout traditionally prepared and served with the skin on for added flavor. Fresh-caught trout often taste best when lightly fried. The fish was crispy & the sauce added a dimension of flavor that I loved it.


Parsi Style Jumbo Prawn – Kolmi No Patio, a Parsi prawn dish, which is a blend of tangy, sweet and spicy flavors. It was tasty, delicious and brilliantly prepared. A Parsi Style Jumbo Prawn is traditional Parsi style curry with spices and coconut milk. It can be eaten as a snack or with an order of steamed rice alongside, as the main course.


Lagan Nu Custer – Lagan Nu Custard is a creamy, sweet and caramelized dessert which made from milk, condensed milk, eggs, flavored with vanilla and garnished with nuts. It was a perfect dessert to have, it gives a homemade feel, and I loved it.


Matunga Coffee Cake – A dessert flavored by delicious coffee. Surprises you with its presentation in a south Indian coffee filter. The lower half of the filter holds the decadent chocolate-coffee cake while the top filter has shortcrust biscuits.


White Chocolate Hazelnut Orange Brownie – You know these squidgy chocolate cake squares with orange zest are going to be good! The brownies were moist and gooey in the center and crunchy on top with a subtle orange tang and sumptuous chunks of bittersweet, semi-melted chocolate.

Cocktails at SodaBottleOpenerWala

The cocktails are as quirky as their names. Delightful cocktails, some heady, some subtle, all have different flavor profiles and combinations that cater to every mood and fancy. These are made using fresh, seasonal fruits, international techniques and a touch of Bombay-Parsi style.


Maushi Chi, an easy sipping cocktail made by adding tequila to our pineapple flavored home brew mix; it’s inspired by Bandra’s Aunty’s bars famous in the 60’s and the 70’s for serving bootlegged stuff. SodaBottleOpenerWala BACONIZED Vada Pav. Potato Vada stuffed with and wrapped in bacon, sandwiched in a pav and grilled in bacon butter.


Mumma Nu Double Dose – a sour-style drink is a new age Parsi cocktail with double measures of rum and whiskey. Made of Scotch, Contessa/Old Monk, Saffron & Date Syrup, Egg White, Lime Juice. Froth on the drink is the main Idea of these cocktails, and hence egg whites are used. Finally, they put the juice in the Champagne glass, and there goes the Special garnish with the Marie gold flower. The BumSuckerWala mixed with vodka, frozen raspberry, and thyme and is our ode to this beautiful Parsi family from Karachi who made drinking Raspberry Soda famous there.

SodaBottleOpenerWala visit was mind-bogging and an excellent experience. Food was served promptly. Quantity of food and drinks was good. Service was very pleasant. Desserts was thoroughly recommended and very tasty too. Definitely worth a visit! I recommend you to visit once.


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