Singapore – Shoppers’ Paradise!


Singapore is a Shoppers’ Paradise, whatever be your budget. If you want authentic Chinese stuff, you could check out Chinatown. If you authentic Indian materials, you could check out Little India. But the best of the shopping in Singapore is undoubtedly on Orchard Road.

The legendary Tangs right on Orchard Road which was started in 1932 was celebrating the 50 years of Singapore since it became independent from British and Malyasia. There was a showcase of local artisanal food which was made in Singapore. There was honey which tasted exquisitely well and there was some sampling sessions too!

For tourists and Singaporeans who don’t have a lot of time on hand, Tangs offers a Store Tour and Personal Shopper service on weekdays and non-sale periods. After you make a free reservation on their hotline, a personal shopper will keep ready different apparels in your measurement and also different products that you want to check out. You can save more than 3-4 hours in your shopping which you can spend partying in Singapore!

At a nominal cost, you could also hire a personal changing lounge for a short period. Here your friends and you could relax while each of you try out your favorite clothes and show off to your friends for instant feedback. This is very good for brides and their bridesmaids to shop for the wedding and have a gala time together!

Another interesting pop up store I liked at Tangs is the Elephant Parade products from Thailand. The proceeds from these sales go towards Elephant orphanage in Thailand. All the Elephants are produced and hand-painted in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Each replica is part of an exclusive limited edition and is unique and available for a limited period of time.

The highlight of our shopping trip on Orchard Road was the visit to Keepers which is the Singapore Design Collective. This was a collaborative showcase of designers and artisans from diverse disciplines designed to give consumers access to the creative and development process of Singapore’s designers and artisans. The multifaceted retail showcase included fashion, accessories, furniture, homeware, perfume and of course, food and beverage.

From all the designers we met, I personally liked Gauri Garodia who was a person of Indian origin who was showcasing perfumes created by her. It was wonderful to see her explain in detail about each perfume, what notes they remind us of and who should use it in what situation. The artisanal perfumery is called Code Deco. One of the scents she showcased called Blanc One was really good!

It was wonderful to interact with many other Singaporean designers who explained about the special apparels they have created for the urban chic residents. It was great to see them speak with a lot of passion for their work!

Thanks are due to Singapore Tourism Board and Tigerair for their invitation to explore Singapore on occasion of it’s 50th freedom anniversary!

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