Most creative ways to save money while travelling


power option As a travel blogger from India, I keep doing a lot of back pack travel across the world along with enjoying some luxury holidays too. As an Indian passport holder, it’s really tough to get entries to many countries as you have to wait longer for visa process. Also the Indian Rupee is not very strong against currencies of many other countries so it’s very important for me to save as much money as possible while not missing out on many things to do. So here are some creative ways by which you can also save money while travelling:

get link 1) go to site Buying a City Pass – Generally we Indians will be on a very tight schedule while visiting foreign locales as our budget will be limited. We will be looking at covering a big city like London or New York within 3 to 4 days. It’s literally impossible to squeeze in all the attractions in this limited time. So we could buy a city Pass like New York Pass or London Pass which gives access to multiple attractions for a single price. It has 1, 3 or 5 day passes generally which allow you multiple admissions to multiple attractions. You could also get fast track access to many crowded attractions which will ensure that you will save time which is as expensive as money while on trip. The cost works out to be around a third of what you would have paid for all the attractions put together and also provides much more convenience!

enter 2) enter site Connect with Attractions directly over Social Media Channels – Most of the attractions are now on Social Media Channels and they are always looking out to interact with travellers on a regular basis. So it would be good to contact them and tell them about your plan. They will mostly extend a discount to you worth 10-15% which can save your costs which you can use for something more important.

follow 3) trucchi segreti opzioni digitali Look for deals on sites like GroupOn or similar – Most of the expense while traveling is due to food and drinks. We can’t obviously carry food all along as we would want to save up on baggage costs. We also would like to try out something unique and local. Good idea would be to look for restaurant deals on sites like GroupOn or similar.


4) iqoprion demo Use Public Transportation – Public transportation in most cities abroad is really well connected, accessible and cheap. The last mile connect can be helped by taking up app based cabs like Uber or Lyft. You also get to meet some really interesting drivers and listen to their stories of a totally different culture!

5) see url Use Opera Mini while browsing for information – Now a days, it doesn’t make any sense to carry a sim card from India to abroad while traveling or enabling International Roaming as they are exorbitantly priced. Even if you buy a local sim in that country, the cost of calling is much more expensive than data. Even data is expensive for Indian standards but it would be good to either go for unlimited scheme or install Opera Mini on your phone. The browser shrinks webpages and will help you in saving data which could come to your crucial use when you have to book a cab to return to your hotel. It also blocks ads which ensure that you don’t waste precious data on video and image ads. You will be surprised to know that it uses 2 times less data than UC Browser and 3.5 times less data than Google Chrome.

6) enter Use Opera Max to save data on all apps – You might want to use Cleartrip to book your tickets or the Uber app to book your taxi. All these apps consume a lot of data even while sitting in the background. If you have Opera Max installed on your phone, it can automatically reduce the size of images and videos on different apps and ensure that you save up on data. I have even used it on the lowest quality setting of Netflix app and still has given data savings of over 25% without compromising on quality. Definitely a must-have app while traveling unless you want your data to be guzzled by apps sitting on your phone.

So go ahead and try out Opera Mini and Opera Max and let me know how much data you saved! You can also take part in this cool contest by Opera. Check the widget below and share about the Opera Mini and Opera Max and you could win gift vouchers worth INR 5000 /- for your travels!

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