Review of Indica Vista D90


Recently I got an opportunity to be among one of the very few bloggers or press in entire India to drive exclusively the Tata Indica Vista D90 which has not yet been launched!  Thanks to , it was a wonderful experience as I had always perceived Indica as a taxi or cab but never as a quality car. It was really an eye-opening experience for me and my friends who got to review the car for 3 days.

The stylish new looks, the stunning Red color and the posh interiors made the Tata Indica Vista D90 car to look more like a sedan than a hatchback. I would not be wrong in saying that the inspiration for Vista D90 is clearly the Tata Manza range of cars. The lights and alloy wheels are a welcome addition to the Indica family which gets criticized for being a workhorse kind of car but not something which people to aspire to buy. I was glad to see that these tables have been turned and how!

I sat on the driver’s seat and felt good to be in complete control of the car. I liked the six way adjustable seat and also the adjustable steering. Interiors had a refined look and was very spacious. The grip of the steering was very good and I liked the fact that I could change the FM radio stations and adjust volume for Radio and Bluetooth calls right from the steering itself! The leg space and height of the seat was also very good.

Dashboard was definitely one of the highlights of the Tata Indica Vista D90 car. I liked the prominent display of KMs left to drive (calculated based on the fuel in the car & regular consumption of it), time and temperature inside the car. The AC was very powerful too and was able to cool the car very quickly and even the backseat drivers could get the cold air quickly! Best part of the dashboard was the stereo system. The bluetooth pairing functionality which is a common feature in many cars now, has been improved a lot here and you could pair the phone much more quickly and have access to phone’s information very fast! I liked the feel and finish of the dashboard and I also realized that there are airbags in the car which adds to its safety features!

Coming to the boot space of the car, its very spacious and can include a lot of your shopping and luggage when you are travelling long distances. You could push the backseat flat and put more luggage if only 2 people were traveling in the car in case you had a lot of luggage! Some of the pros I saw was that design is good, shock absorption is good, leg room is better and power steering is very good. Some of the cons I saw were torque not good, AC noise too much and parking sensors could have been better.

My friend Santosh tried out the Tata Indica Vista D90 and he said that some of the pros for him were the looks, adjustable driver seat, 90PS quadrajet engine, dashboard and interiors. For him the cons were gear shifting and jerk feeling during acceleration.

My filmmaker friend Raghu also tried out driving the Indica Vista D90 and for him the positive points were Power to speed conversion, ample seating room, driver assist system and powerful AC! The negative points for him were ground clearance, leg space for driver and the product quality of the dashboard.

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