Panasonic Eluga Note 4G – great value for money!


As I review lot of phones for my technology blog, I was really interested to check out the new Panasonic Eluga Note 4G phone which is conveniently priced under Rs.15,000. It packs a punch for the kind of features it has got. Let me start with the sleek design the phone has which gives it a very premium feel.

With regards to cameras, there is 16 MP Auto Focus Rear Camera and for selfies, you have got a 5 MP Front Camera which gives really good pictures in different light conditions too. The finish of the phone is very smooth and has a good grip which helps you in not dropping it suddenly.

Panasonic FitHome UI is the User Interface on the Panasonic Eluga Note which gives it a very neat and clean look. The fonts and the themes are very appealing to the discerning millennials who are using such phones now.

Panasonic Eluga Note has 13.97cm (5.5) FHD IPS Display and is running the latest Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) on it. There is a very simple swipe down for phone settings which quickly helps you to toggle between WiFi, Bluetooth, Data, Mobile Network and Airplane mode.

As the screen is 5 inches long, sometimes it might be tough to access apps on the whole of screen while using the phone with one hand. So you can change the layout of the apps to Full Screen or One hand which helps you in quickly accessing all apps easily with just 1 hand.

With regards to Camera, you get option to set Exposure, Select Scene, set White balance if you want to deviate from Auto mode and shoot pictures in Manual mode. The picture quality is really nice but can improve in some artificial lighting conditions.

You have got dual SIM slots in Panasonic Eluga Note phone. One SIM (Primary) one can have 4G but the 2nd SIM can only have 3G or 2G. You can change setting for Data, Calls or SMS based on which network is better for which functionality.

Panasonic Eluga Note is powered by 1.3GHz octa-core processor and it comes with 3GB of RAM. With regards to memory, phone has 32GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to another 32GB via a microSD card. You can also set up multi-gesture settings for message and phone by sliding up or down respectively. Multi-gestures are available only in Stand-by and main menu.

There are some nice themes like Elegance and Windmill which can give different look to your phone and app icons when you feeling bored with the present themes. You can also add many more themes to personalize your Panasonic Eluga Note 4 phone.

There is a 3000 mAh Battery which shows you how much time in hours is left for the battery based on the activities that you do. You can enable Standby intelligent power saving which saves a lot of battery. It showcase the apps which consume the battery the most so that you can switch off or disable those apps.

One feature I really liked was the Memory information which showcases how the phone memory was used in the last few hours or days. It gives you an idea of how lethargic your phone will become if you use too much memory. You can track the memory used by apps and accordingly remove memory guzzling apps.

Lot of emphasis has been given on security too – you can get screen lock with Pin or Pattern, you can automatically lock your phone if the screen goes to sleep, etc.


With regards to accessibility for all, you can switch on TalkBack, Captions, Magnification Gestures and also set up large texts and text-to-speech abilities.

Overall Panasonic Eluga Note 4G is a perfect buy for around Rs.13,000. It comes in Champagne Gold color which looks really premium and professional.


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