Panasonic ARBO, the new face of technology!


Is ARBO the new face of technology?

Obsolescence is a fact of life many of us would rather not face. Fortunately or unfortunately, nothing lasts forever or was ever intended to. This is evident majorly in the case of technology. Technology has always been the flag bearer of change and it is constantly evolving. It seems like every time you turn around, the latest and the greatest innovation has been replaced by something newer and better.

However, there are a few innovations that enter our lives, wow us, and make a silent promise of sticking by our side for a long time. ARBO, is one such innovation. Now your immediate question would be what or who is ARBO? Twitterati is going gaga over it and cannot seem to wrap their mind around a single answer that reveals the exact details about this new intelligent innovation.

Panasonic Smart Phones has come up with yet another crazy campaign and it is spreading on social media like a wild fire. Everyone is asking the same question and everyone wants to know the same answer, who is Arbo?

Well, if you know the answer or have some crazy theory behind the same, then you could win some exciting prize. Yes, you heard it right. It comes with a contest where you can win some exciting prize. Answer this simple question “Who is Arbo?” on Twitter in the most innovative way you can think of and you could be the lucky winner. All you need to do is follow/retweet/like and give your answer with hashtag #WhoIsArbo and you can win some exciting prizes. For more detailed contest rules you can visit their various social media handles.

For some hint, you can watch their launch video which itself is a treat for your tech-soul.


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