#SniffSniff – investigative campaign about Nivea Body Deodorizer


BlogAdda always comes up with some unique campaigns like the Tata Bolt campaign, Tata Zest campaign, Colgate Black Toothbrush campaign and Renault Lodgy Campaign apart from many book reviews. So when recently I got an invite from them for a #SniffSniff campaign targeted towards Male bloggers, I was curious and took up the challenge. We were supposed to get a series of packages at our homes which would contain clues towards the final product.

The first package we got in the #SniffSniff campaign was a picture of a man with a clip blocking his nose. I realized that this would be something to do with smell sense. Various thoughts came to my mind that the product could be room freshener, car freshener or toilet freshener. I was waiting for the next clue to understand it more.

The next package contained coffee beans surprisingly! I was a little thrown off the track! I was wondering why coffee beans have been sent to us. I was thinking is this the launch of a new coffee? If yes, why would it be targeted only towards Male bloggers? Lots of female bloggers who are food bloggers could have been invited for the event too. But I read a communication which came along with the package that coffee beans are used to neutralize smell. Then I realized why many stores have coffee beans kept near perfumes so that you can neutralize the smell of a previous perfume before trying out the next perfume. This kind of gave me an idea that the product could be a room freshener or a perfume.

Finally after a week since the first package arrived, the suspense was revealed! We were one of the earliest in India to try out the brand new Nivea Men Body Deodorizer! I was really excited to receive this. I knew this is not similar to the existing deodorants which will only help remove the body odor for a short while. I was sure this would eradicate body odor rather than just cover it. So I went online to read more about it.

While Nivea Men Body Deodorizer has been developed in the high tech research labs of Germany’s Beiersdorf AG, the world leader in Skin Care and the parent company of NIVEA, the testing and refining of the formulation and packaging were done in the labs of NIVEA at Sanand, Gujarat, India. This is the first time that a product has been created specifically for the Indian skin type and consumer characteristics. I also learnt that Nivea Body Deodorizer has a revolutionary concentrated, yet skin friendly deodorizing formula that works on the skin and prevents the formation of odor at it’s source.

There is a nice TVC doing the rounds on social media right now about how Nivea Men Body Deodorizer is different from other Deodorants in the market right now. It uses the concept of how babies are able to detect body odor and are averse to it. Brand ambassador Arjun Rampal also makes an appearance in the ad and talks about the benefits of the product!

I’m using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #SniffSniff at BlogAdda.


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