Best offbeat vacation I had – Newcastle upon Tyne in UK!


I chose Newcastle upon Tyne as an offbeat location in UK for my vacation due to the fact that it has a lot of history, wonderful food and drink but yet free of the tourists who throng more popular places like London.

Nature is also at its bountiful here with spectacular views of the North Sea which is just a stone’s throwaway. Tynemouth Castle Priory which is located overlooking Tynemouth Pier is a beautiful location to watch the fury of the North Sea from the comfort of being on land. It’s an amazing location to relax without tourists getting into your face.

Newcastle also has many interesting places like the Gateshead Millennium Bridge which is referred to as the ‘Blinking Eye Bridge’due to its shape and its tilting method.

Another legendary building is W. D. & H. O. Wills building which was built in the Art Deco style as a cigarette factory in the late 1940s and is now a remodeled as a commercial building.

I also like New Castle Upon Tyne as it is a gateway to Scotland being just 90 minutes train or car ride away.. I loved the beer there specially Deuchars IPA which comes from the Caledonian Brewery and has 3.8% ABV. Solid gold in colour, remarkably aromatic, hints of fresh citrus, distinctive light malt and fresh floral flavours, refreshing zesty citric hop, for a mouth-watering finish.


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