Awesome Sunset Cruise with Naam at Langkawi, Malaysia!


Party in Langkawi, Malaysia Continues! It’s the perfect destination for fun and entertainment. Of course, this island is also a romantic destination. I knew Langkawi as a nature paradise, but I never imagined it would be a perfect place for rejoicing our Marriage Anniversary. In fact, it was our #HalfADecade Wedding Aniversary! Sunset Cruise is DOPE!

Sunset Dinner Cruise – Sea Falcon!

A huge boat will sail around the islands, delicious dinner, drinks and stunning sunset. It travels through the picturesque straits between Dayang Bunting and Tuba islands, and then to the best highlights of the southern islands.

During the cruise we enjoyed a variety of meal with BBQ dinner including chicken, shrimp, fish, meats, and a variety of vegetables and salads, we were also provided free drinks throughout the cruise. We can choose to relax on board or swim over the Buoy (attached to cruise) that they had at the back of the boat. Swimming while enjoying the beautiful scenery islands around the isle of Langkawi.


On board, the luxurious 55-foot two-tier Sea Falcon catamaran of Naam Sports, where our parasailing activity booked, check this out how we enjoyed parasailing!

An open bar welcomed us with a happy music every guest was enjoying at the moment. As soon as the engine ignited, the smooth sailing fun began.

Chilling On Sea Falcon!

Living in the lap of luxury!

Sunset Cruise

Relaxing On Deck with Lunch!

Rey Steering Cruise with US! 

Malaysian Flag!

Fantastic View from Cruise!

Langkawi Islands!

My Wife Sunitha, enjoying beautiful Scenery!

Fantastic Swimming Experience! One to remember for a long time.

The sea falcon is a fabulous boat, and it just sails on waters without bumps or shakes. It’s sheer luxury, staff was highly professional, right from boarding this Boat everything was just marvelous. Excellent food, great crew, 5-star service & an elaborate menu for foodies. The sail is 2 hours, and one cannot move their eyes from the beautiful picturesque views of the islands around.

Truly memorable experience will never forget! It’s a must do when you are at Langkawi, it’s worth every penny that you spend on this cruise. Kudos to the team of Naam, they are true hospitality professionals.

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