Moov Now – fitness band with 6 months charging!


In the past year or so, I have almost stopped food blogging and been concentrating on eating healthy and staying fit as much as possible. In this context, I have been checking out a lot of fitness bands like Fitbit, Mi band, Yufit and Samsung Gear watch (not exactly a fitness band but has that ability too!). But one of the main issues I have been facing with these is that I have to keep charging them regularly. So it becomes like any bluetooth enabled gadget which you generally forget to charge unless critically important!

Enter Moov Now, the personal coach & sports tracker which runs without any charge for at least 6 months! Shocked? You need not be! It has facility for a standard coin battery (CR2032) which works at least for 6 months if you buy a branded one which costs less than Rs.1000. After it is over, you can just replace battery and it will last you another 6 months! This is one of the main benefits of the Moov Now band.

Another main benefit is that Moov Now band talks to you through your workout. You will need to download the Moov Now App on your Android phone or iPhone. Then you just need to connect Moov now band to your phone via Bluetooth. Ensure that you are connected to the Internet and based on the speed and level of activity you are doing, your coach in the app will talk to you and encourage you to go the extra mile to finish your workout. I felt this was very interesting and useful feature which you don’t find in other fitness bands.

When you open the Moov app for the first time, you will get to see Popular Workouts like Get toned in less than 10 minutes, Walk to sweat or Ride outdoors. If you prefer sport wise activities, there are activities for Run & Walk Coaching, Cycling Coaching, Swim Coaching and At Home Coaching. All these are very goal oriented rather than just normal exercises. Your objective is very clear at the start of the workout itself which makes you feel you are being trained under watchful eyes of a trustworthy coach.

Just to take an example – you might want to do planks. There will be a short video explaining how to do planks and as you are wearing the Moov Now band while doing the planks, it will count the number of planks and will keep encouraging you to finish the prescribed amount of planks. You don’t feel alone in your conquest to become fit.

There is a cool social element to this app too. You could connect with your friends and compete against each other on a leader board. The regular competition will keep you going even in those tough times when you plan to take it easy.

One improvement of Moov Now over the older band is that it can track sleep along with activity too. You can get an idea of the number of calories that you have burnt and the time period when you have been the most active. This will help you understand the time when you need to improve your fitness.

One of the best benefits of the Moov Now band is that it comes with 2 bands – 1 regular one for your non-dominant wrist and 1 larger one for your ankle which helps in better tracking of activities which use your leg like cycling and running. This gives you more accurate reading. “Moov Now Personal Coach and Sports Tracker” is available in India via Maple India at a very reasonable price. You must absolutely try it out if you are serious about your fitness!


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