5 things not to miss at Legoland Malaysia Resort


As we know about the country Malaysia jargon of “Visit Malaysia 2016 – Truly Asia”. Well, one of the sights that we must go if we are to Malaysia is LegoLand.

Legoland – Lego Themed World!



As the name suggests, this is a tourist spot Legoland theme park concept with a Lego theme that is in Johor Malaysia which contains various rides, attractions, and miniature buildings in Malaysia and is the first theme park in Asia-themed lego. With an area of approximately 500 thousand m² and opened on 15 September 2012. Since themed Lego, so trimmings, ornaments or statues that are in Legoland made of lego.

Let’s look at 5 things that must do in Legoland Malaysia, or it could be top 10 favorite things of our family at Legoland Malaysia.

1. Driving School at Lego City!


It is a favorite kiddos rides! When Rey asked trying Driving School located in Lego City, my first peek at the line, and it is still available category. But with no long lines but, Rey still had to queue about 15 minutes before going into the classroom.

Note for Legoland Malaysia: you should provide the number for the kids, to the Ensure they will queue on the right line, and no one will cut the line.


And they began to surround the area of the Driving School a relatively spacious. Rey was excited in driving, and he successfully follows all traffic signs.

2. Ninjago: The Ride!

What we love about Legoland Malaysia is their continuity to introduce new rides. Slated to be launched at the end of 2016, Ninjago: The Ride enables guests to demonstrate their ninja skills without the use of a handheld device but through the simple use of their hand gestures. Riders can collect points for their training and battle efforts throughout the ride and scores are displayed when their quest completed. The Sad thing is we waited for 30 Minutes for 3 Minutes Ride!

3. LEGO Life!

Lego Farm – Rey’s Fun Time!


Leogland’s Lego Zoo!


Legoland Indoor Fun!

It’s an adventure paradise for the youngest guests and families. Let your kids drive a car, fly a plane, or even captain a boat.


The pirate ship at the hotel lobby, where you will find people (and kids!) at all hours of the day.


legoland hotel_dragon

Entrance to the castle at the lobby, looking like it is made of giant Lego pieces. I liked the figurines like this soldier which were built out of Lego!


Rey with Dino!


Rey with Lego Chef!

Just hanging out at the lower ground floor entrance, a stone’s throw from the parks. Rey Meet Lego Friends!


Sunitha Enjoying!

This is the Kids Power Tower in which sunitha had to pull herself up, view the scenery from a height, then let go and slide down. It was simple and fun.


Legoland Chinese New Year Celebration!

Enjoyed Chinese New Year!

4. Miniature Buildings At LEGOLAND!



Upon entry into Legoland, we can see miniatures of buildings in Malaysia country, such as The Petronas Twin Towers (Twin Tower Petronas) and Miniature City Malaysia! Don’t Miss!


FUN FACT: The Petronas Twin Towers (once the tallest structure in the world) stands at nearly 10 meters high and is the tallest Miniland model ever built, made out of over 500,000 LEGO bricks.

5. Visit the World’s Largest LEGOLAND Water Park!


Well, you are now more confused deciding whether to visit Legoland Waterpark? We had fun at the waterpark! My recommendation, if only one hour, you are required to get there. There are also slides and a water play area for all to enjoy.



In less than an hour, we were splashing away at the water park. I must say that I like the water park more than the theme park. We played quite less time in Legoland Malaysia Water Park, but we were quite satisfied, especially playing in Build A Raft. From my visit to the Water Park, I can say that this place recommended! Too bad if you just skip the theme park and water park.

This place is the kids-friendly theme park, but don’t worry because mature people can also enjoy this park. It doesn’t have many extreme rides, but I loved all the games that I tried to ride, especially the Ninjago. You should try it too!


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