What KFC sent me will blow your mind… and charge your phone! :)


Imagine the situation – you are having a long day out on your own, either on work or shopping. You don’t have access to a plug point and the battery bank that you carry with you has depleted! You need to scout around for shops or restaurants which have plug points. This may not be possible always. So what do you do? Your frustration will make you hungry too! I got the perfect solution for you which was sent to me by KFC!

Enter “KFC Watt A Box” which is a 5-in-1 meal box which comes in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options but has a huge surprise. It also charges your phone while you recharge yourself with the food! Yes, it comes with a Sony 6,100mAh power bank which has an out put of around 3,900mAh for your phone. What’s more, it comes with both android and iPhone charging cords! It still doesn’t support USB 3.0 but if you have your USB 3.0 cord with you, you could always charge it!

Once your food is finished, you can carry this battery bank around with you too! It’s totally reusable! That makes it just perfect! I also loved the fact that such an innovation came from India – makes me really proud! When I tried the charger, it really charged my phone up to around 30% which was really good for emergency. Great work by Blink Digital which is the agency which created this wonderful product. I’m sure this will win at Cannes next year!

Right now the KFC Watt A Box is only available in select outlets in Delhi and Mumbai but hopefully this should be available all across India soon. You do have a chance to win the KFC Watt A Box by taking part in their Facebook contest by nominating a friend who *really* needs it!

I really liked the above video explaining the concept of the KFC Watt A Box. I really hope more brands think about solving customer problems rather than just marketing their products in boring old fashioned ways.


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