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Technology and work pressure have a tremendous impact on our daily life, creating a huge class of people with no time to cook their food. Many depend on the restaurant, hotel, and fast food, etc. They forget what they consume, and healthy food is at bay. So just like we have a solution for every problem, Jiyo Natural has come up with a unique formula to execute the habit of healthy eating.

Jiyo Natural is a Bangalore based health food startup. Founded by a group of food & health fanatics – working professionals, who craved for a good healthy meal at their workplaces. Jiyo Natural provides healthy, beneficial and nutritionally balanced meals to the consumer. Jiyo Natural operates two flagship products –

  • Jiyo Health, a nutritionally balanced meal that is a wholesome, calorie counted, chemical free and cooked in a scientifically healthy manner.
  • Jiyo Manage, a personalized meal option for consumers in need of managing health or lifestyle conditions.

Jiyo Natural currently has two separate products in the market for your needs.

Jiyo Health – Is a well-balanced diet meal without any deep fried, oily items or something too spicy. But It has a lot of carbohydrates, fat, protein, and fiber needed for an adult individual. Not all fat is bad. The menu typically consists of a salad, healthy wheat roti/parathas, two vegetable dishes, curd and a precious item. And that’s the key to succeeding in this health+diet calculated market.

The one that I got had the following items – Sprout Salad, Amchur Bhindi, Mixed Vegetable Lababdar, Amritsari Chole, Bajra Phulka, China Vegetable Pulao, Sweet Potato Raita and Pumpkin Millet Kheer.


Jiyo Manage – Is a personalized balanced diet meal based on your health conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol or thyroid. A qualified nutritionist would take your preferences and prepare a meal plan for you by your health analysis. This meal generally comes with a classic tiffin box which will be taken back by the Jiyo Natural staff the next day. The Jiyo Manage meal offers hope for working people who have specific diet requirements. Deep frying, refrying or cooking in high temperatures are a strict NO. Instead, they steam, grill and bake the dishes.

The meal that I tried had the following items – Farm Fresh Salad, Cabbage with Soya Nuggets Subzi, Vegetable Nilgiri, Dal Miloni, Multri Grain Phulka and Millet Pulao.


Time of Meal and Packing – The food gets delivered to your preferred address at lunch hours. We can choose our meal: either lunch or dinner. Or even both. It’s tightly and neatly packed, either in a ready food tray or a tiffin carrier. Indeed, both ways are different. But no leakages for sure.

Jiyo Natural

Jiyo Natural Food Package and Packing!

Excited to try Jiyo Natural, the taste of the healthy food – Come on, sign-in their website or register and try JiyoNatural. I assure you, you won’t regret it. Because who knows how healthy it is, who knows it may be the game changer for your dietary habits. You can get started at Jiyo Natural website or their food app and order the one-off Single Trial meal or start a 5-day trial Pack. The subscription is currently monthly, and they offer lunch as well as the dinner option. Delivery Areas – Koramangala, HSR Layout, Bommanhalli, Electronic City, Bellandur, Dairy Circle and Jakkasandra.

Jiyo Natural – Balanced Diet Meal – My Scorecard!
Food and Taste – 8 /10
Value for Money – 8 /10
Packing – 10 /10
Quantity and Quality – 9/10


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