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Fusion of Global and Local food at Glocal Junction Bangalore!


Recently visited Glocal Junction at Indiranagar. Glocal Junction comes to Bengaluru after the extraordinary response it gained in Mumbai & Hyderabad. Glocal Junction offers global cuisine with a twist of regional and local flavors made with various and wide variety of ingredients, representing various cuisines.

Glocal Junction is offering some of the iconic dishes in a revamped avatar! Bengaluru, get ready for Going Glocal this year! A radical all day dining and bar, a restaurant that starts with a peaceful space as the day starts and transforms into a high-energy, easygoing night spot by sundown – Glocal conceivably binds together the concepts of an all-day dining and a casual lounge seamlessly. Glocal Junction undoubtedly is an ultimate culinary destination.

The brainchild of Mr. Sanjay Vazirani, CEO & MD of Foodlink Services (India) Pvt. Ltd, Glocal had a huge success before adding Glocal Junction as the third format to the Foodlink restaurant brands. Their earlier restaurants were China Bistro and India Bistro.

I tried few food items from menu; let me share the details below:

The popular Arab-Ki-Thali from Glocal Junction! One of the delicious thing that exists on their menu list. It represents the best of Arabian food on a platter. It has Muhammara, Baba Ganoush and Hummus served with Lavash and Pita!


Next item I tried was House Spiced Chicken Wings. I honestly started salivating as soon as I saw that Chicken Wings. These wings have all the flavors I love the most, and these intensified with a little turn on the grill.


Next, I tried Shish Taouk. This is chicken cooked in Lebanese spices served with tom mayo onion zatar, green chilies which are excellently roasted and simmered on the stove top. It tasted amazingly classic with fries!


Next, I tried Spicy and yummilicious Coorgi Murgi Dry Fry. Lip smacking and utterly irresistible chicken fry. Coorgi Murgi chicken is a chicken dish dipped in coorgi masala and then stir fried. This recipe is made with the special vinegar.


Finally for Desserts, I turned towards very famous Baked Filter Kappi. Frankly, nothing can beat filter coffee; there is no kappi (coffee) in the world that can be better than South Indian Kaapi and this was reflected in the dessert Baked Filter Kappi. The aroma of filter kappi will be mesmerizing anytime and any day for sure.


Later, I fancied trying Cocktails in Glocal Junction!

The cocktail that emerges from the darkness – Black Magic Cocktail! The Black Magic cocktail blends beet juice with charcoal – the freshest detox trend that claims to help dissipate undesired toxins. The Black Magic cocktail is more peachy in color, not sweet but tasty. Wondering what is in that carton? That’s Thailee! It is Kharbooza (Musk Melon) infused Vodka which you can drink on the go!


The Mirage Cocktail consists of Absinthe, Chocolate Liqueur, and Ginger Syrup. Shake hard with crushed ice, then strain through a sieve, into a chilled cocktail glass. Wait not cocktail glass, something very different!


I enjoyed my time at Glocal Junction. I loved this place, and the service was fast enough. If you are a non-vegetarian and a chicken lover, this place is excellent. The food is fantastic, and starters were pleasing, and so were their cocktails. Enjoyed their cutlery and well overall it was a great experience!


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