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Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore friends, if you are interested in trying out FURLENCO’s furniture for free for 1 month, you could use my code “HRTA938” while signing up here – – check the image below to see where to enter my code “HRTA938”.


Many of us in our careers now a days have a very nomadic lifestyle. This includes us staying for short periods of times in many different cities across India. During this stay, it is not advisable to buy furniture as it can be very expensive and also very tough to sell off when you are moving. Also once you buy a piece of furniture at exorbitant prices, it goes out of style very soon and you are stuck with that for the rest of it’s lifetime. For all these problems, Furlenco is the answer!

Was recently invited to Furlenco (I guess the name translates to FUrniture-LEnding-COmpany!) headquarters in Bangalore for a tweetup where we were explained about the 2 ranges of furniture available with them – Pico range for those in search of comfort and styling and Mili range for those young at heart who believe in comfort, style and flexibility.

Designer Naina explained to us about Pico furniture range that she drew inspiration from Indian and tropical features and is aimed towards families with children who are well established in life. The Pico basic living room package has a Pico couch set with centre table, floor lamp and matching furnishings.

We were also introduced to some upcoming furniture like the Amigos which is mainly targeted towards Bachelors who have limited space in a single room in a 2 or 3 BHK flat which they share with their friends. Amigos offers them the convenience of both a bed and lounging area with computer table. I’m sure this will be one of their most rented furniture once it rolls out!

Designer Vanessa explained about the Mili furniture range which is targeted towards newly married couples or small families who want to bring freshness and life into their homes. I was offered the review of the Mili furniture so I took up the offer and within a week’s time, Furlenco furniture experts came to my place and set up the Mili Basic Living Room Package which you can rent at just Rs.2000 per month.

Mili Basic Living Room Package has 2 spacious couches, a classy coffee table and large cushions along with a lamp too! Furlenco allows you to rent this for a minimum tenure of only 3 months and also offer 100% refund if you don’t like the furniture!

Furlenco is available in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore right now but they are soon expanding to all cities in India. They are coming up with some great inaugural offers! So time to bid your mattresses on floor goodbye and enjoy world-class furniture at very low rentals!


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