The best of food and drinks at Chariot Beach Resort Mahabalipuram


Dhempe’s Travel Blog recently visited Chariot Beach Resort in Mahabalipuram and was very impressed with their hospitality which I have blogged here. Now I would like to talk about the best of food and drinks served at Chariot Beach Resort. If you want to get a good discount from my side on already discounted rates for staying there, visit Chariot Beach Resort site here and use my code ‘Hrish500‘ there.

The welcome drink of a tender coconut itself was very refreshing and made me feel hydrated and active in the humid weather of Mahabalipuram near Chennai.

Most of our meals were at Kapi – Multi Cuisine restaurant which is shown above. This is a specialty dining restaurant offering continental, coastal South Indian delicacies, North Western Frontier delights, Mediterranean cuisine and many more! It is definitely a must visit to satisfy your culinary palate.

In the vegetarian starters section, there was Fried Ladies Finger and Gobi Manchurian. I liked Gobi Manchurian very much.

In the non-vegetarian section, there was roasted chicken and chicken kebabs which were pretty good.

In the main course, there was a mushroom curry and dal which were really tasty and it was made in North Indian style so that even North Indians feel at home.

For North-Indian vegetarians, there was also Paneer curry and Aloo Mutter curry.

For non-vegetarians, chicken curry was one of the highlights of the meal.

The desserts are made at the Bake House. They created some wonderful freshly baked goodies, delectable pastries and desserts. We were satisfying our sweet tooth there! We enjoyed Guava canoli.

One of the highlights of the desserts was avocado cheese cream and butterscotch bun which were light yet flavourful.

How can I forget the Indian dessert highlight which was the Carrot Halwa and Kakinada Khaja.

The desserts were very tastefully displayed and served and most of us spent time enjoying the different varieties the chefs served us through our stay.

One of the highlights of our stay was the arrangement of a tea stall set up where tea was brewed in the age old Tamil Nadu method and it was a wonderful recreation of a tea stall in Madurai or Chennai.

Along with the tea, we also had some freshly made Potato, Raw Banana and Chilli Bajjis which were chomped down by most of us as we were really hungry! After that, we unwinded at Paanam – The Bar which was the best place to relax with friends, colleagues and family with an array of delicious snacks! Paanam offered beer, wine, cocktails, coffees, spirits and of course, many good memories!


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