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In this fast paced world, we are hard pressed for time to decide on what to eat for lunch which ensures that we are not eating junk but always trying out something new always. I had tried out many healthy options in Bangalore like Tandurust and Bhukkad which gave some really good options but it used to get kinda boring many times. So recently when I saw the hoardings and Facebook ads about Cure.Fit starting their own food delivery, I was really impressed as the prices were very economical and also offered some good collection.

What impressed me about Cure.Fit ’s Eat.Fit is that I have an option of selecting Indian options or Fusion options, both in Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian. I can take up a subscription of Fit Curries, Indian or Fusion and forget about the rest of the week as I will be getting different dishes every day in my subscription. I can also have two subscriptions going on at the same time where I choose which day of the week I wanna try Indian and which day I wanna try Fusion food. This keeps me happy also my palate is getting to try something different everyday.

Some very interesting dishes I saw were Butter(less) chicken, Punjabi chose & (brown) rice and of course my favourite which I tried, Gremolata grilled paneer with pesto quinoa. This was a tender paneer steak garnished with zesty Italian gremolata and served with a side of basil pesto quinoa and sautéed veggies. This just has 599 calories which is really impressive. Portions are really good for 1 person and also come with Superfood like Soaked Almonds which curbs your dessert temptation.

If you are some one who loves Salads, there are lot of options here like Ricotta black rice salad and Chicken and Orange salad. I tried out the Moroccan tabbouleh salad with roasted veggies which was topped off with roasted cashews, mint leaves, feta cheese and pomegranate seeds. This had just 318 calories but was very filling and the seasoning was very yummy too.

You don’t need to rob a bank to have this healthy food from Cure.Fit too. It’s very economically priced at around Rs.150 to Rs.200 per dish. They also keep giving some really good offers like your first 2nd orders will be at Rs.100 per dish and also Rs.50 cash back on Wednesdays.

Eat.Fit meals are built with ingredients that are better for you. They use:

  • Skimmed milk instead of butter or cream to create the creamy texture in their gravies
  • Natural sweeteners such as jaggery or fruit instead of refined sugar
  • Fresh sauces that are made daily
  • In house ground-masalas and marinades to ensure freshness & quality
  • Lean chicken breast meat v/s chicken leg pieces.

I spoke to Eat.Fit team about how do they prepare these amazing healthy foods which are also tasty and they mentioned the key things they keep in mind while preparing the food :

  1. Wholesome and balanced: All Eat.Fit meals have been formulated by a panel of nutritional experts and professional chefs. Emphasis is given to ensuring that a day’s menu provides you with a rich blend of nutrients from all food groups: cereals & millets, pulses & dals, fruits & vegetables, milk & meats and fats & natural sugars.
  2. Calorie-counted: All Eat.Fit meals are macro nutrient and calorie-counted and are carefully engineered to fall within 600 calories.
  3. Freshly prepared: All Eat.Fit meals are freshly-prepared. They use seasonal produce purchased from certified vendors and cooking ingredients such as spice mixes, pastes, sauces, marinades and salad dressings are freshly made in-house by their chefs.

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