Diwali 2016: Which brand delighted you?


With Diwali every year comes innovation in different types of lights, green crackers, fat-free sweets; to put it conveniently we now celebrate an evolved Diwali. In this competitive world where brands are looking out for different ways to stand out, Diwali becomes a pillar for them to prosper and win this battle amongst multiple brands. Everyone is flooding the market with unique and attractive services. Therefore, giving rise to festival marketing. It is not only a good time for brands to engage with their target audience but also an appropriate opportunity to leave a good memory with the consumers by creating a #DiwaliDelights moment!


Festival marketing solves and caters to many underlying objectives like building brand awareness, generating sales and improving corporate image when needed. A consumer on the other hands makes stronger connections and associations with offers that can make their life easier. The process is simple; they offer us better schemes which in turn give rise to unknown wants. It is here where a consumer discovers one more need rising and happily with the association of festival agrees to invest. The success rates during these days are usually high which pays back with brand recognition and recall. And why should they be not successful, after all their offers are tempting and one ends up buying even more.


With my net pack expiring in the middle of the market and with an urgency to make a call, I decided to enter the beautifully lit up Vodafone store. Entering with a firm mind and deciding not to get lured away by all the hoarding bombarding consumers with “special offers” I asked for a talk time recharge. I stood there in the queue waiting for my turn and the counter, in the meantime I saw a sales man approaching towards me with a wide smile. I decided to greet him back and there started the conversation. While they did their job of briefing me with their schemes and came to their 4G plan. I paid more attention as I was looking forward to upgrade my connection and immediately decided to take it. While I was heading out there was a surprise waiting for me. I was presented with my favorite ‘boondi k ladoos’. Thank you to Vodafone and their kind consideration towards double delighting their customers. This is definitely one of the best #DiwaliDelights moments for me!


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