Burger King Chicken Fries – a love story you never could have imagined!


Last week saw the release of a block buster movie which could put the likes of ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ to shame! The romantic story of eternal love between a Chicken and a pack of french fries! This movie is being screened at a Burger King near you! They had never expected that a love story would blossom between the coy Chicken & the brash pack of Fries. But as they say, matches are made not in heaven, but in kitchens of Burger King! It’s the birth of a new tasty superhero called ‘Chicken Fries‘! He’s rightly being heralded as the messiah of the hungry!

The movie starts in a typical way of a boy meets a girl, when Chicken & Fries bump into each other in a park. Reminds us of the chemistry between Rani Mukherjee and Saif Ali Khan in Hum Tum. Just like the two comic characters Hum & Tum in that movie, Chicken & Fries start liking each other; but are not really ready to get into commitment yet. Fries compliments Chicken and that breaks the ice between them as they start hanging out together and getting to know each other better.

What’s a good movie without the drama? In walks the villain which is the Rooster who is Chicken’s father. He is as strict as Amrish Puri who doesn’t want his Simran to go away with her Raj. He catches the Chicken returning home later after meeting her bae Fries. He gets agitated and locks her up in the coop. Luckily our hero the Fries enters the coop at mid night and dramatically rescues Chicken and takes her away to the tune of ‘Akele hain toh kya gum hain’.

Finally Chicken and Fries get settled in a beautiful farm just outside the city and get married in a joyful ceremony presided by Whooper. Chicken and Fries launch into soulful ballads to the tune of ‘Suraj hua maddham’ and get into dream song sequences in Switzerland! Gradually you could see on the screen two flowers colliding against each other and a baby’s poster being shown which meant that they were going to be 3 soon!

I would love to tell you the rest of the movie but that would be spoiling your movie going experience. You will have to go to your nearest Burger King outlet to know about the birth of Chicken Fries & how he went on to become a superhero!

I enjoyed the Burger King Chicken Fries with my son who loved them very much. On the technical aspects of the movie, I would say production has been world class, as fries have been given a chicken coating which has lent the yumminess of chicken with the crunchiness of fries. The golden mane of Chicken Fries looks more regal than the Yellow fringe of his dad the Fries. Chicken Fries is definitely the best of both worlds which brings the flavor of Chicken to a finger food like Fries. Price of the ticket to this movie starts at just Rs.79 on wards! It’s very good for a snacking option in between meals!


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