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Recently when I opened the newspaper to catch up with the latest happenings in the city, I was pleasantly surprised to see advertisements mentioning ‘Snap the deal’, Amaz-off’ and ‘Flip the kart’ while talking about a denim sale. I was humoured at the cool puns that this company had created for their denim sale. When I looked for more info, I realized that this was the Denim sale by Brand Factory which wanted to take the e-commerce giants head on by offering real good deals over branded clothes. The interesting fact is that Brand Factory has been regularly doing this for many years now and because people didn’t have that visibility, they were shopping with the e-commerce players. There was also a price-list which mentioned how Brand Factory prices are easily Rs.300-Rs.500 cheaper than e-commerce sites. Looking at the fact that summer is coming up, I decided to drop in at Malleshwaram outlet of Brand Factory in Bangalore to check out the sale.

Once I arrived at the Brand Factory, it was interesting to see 3 characters dressed as the major e-commerce players who were sporting sad smileys as they were representing the helplessness faced by these online brands. It was fun to take some pictures with these characters and share it on social media to friends and family to showcase the great fun I was having there.

You would be thinking that maybe even though Brand Factory is selling branded clothes, they may not be such popular brands. You couldn’t be farther from the truth! Best Denim brands like Levis, Pepe Jeans, Wrangler, Flying Machine and Lee Cooper were available here starting from Rs.599 to Rs.1299 which was more than half the cost of MRP which was from Rs.1299 to Rs.2499! Seeing the amazing sale by Brand Factory, some online players tried to reduce their price but they still couldn’t match the amazing offers given by Brand Factory.

For Pepe Jeans which is my favourite brand, the pricing was very competitive. Jeans having MRP up to Rs.1299 were available for Rs.599, Jeans with MRP between Rs.1300 to Rs.2299 were available for Rs.999 and Jeans having MRP of Rs.2299 and above were available for just Rs.1299. There was a wide range of choices in different sizes and variants in denims that I was spoilt for choice!

Brand Factory has always been at the forefront of providing the best quality brand clothing for very affordable prices. As most of us have become lazy and started shopping online, we have been missing the great deals offered at Brand Factory. As many Indians still like to touch and feel their clothing before they buy them, I think Brand Factory will offer tough competition to online brands which are not having good variety too.

Denim deals is back in all the cities this weekend starting 3rd June to 5th June. Experience the madness once again this weekend!



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