Bosch Dishwasher – Save Water, Save Time, in turn Save Money too!


Growing up in India, we never really knew much about washing machines and dish washers though we saw them in movies and serials depicting life abroad. Washing machines came into popular usage around couple of decades back but dishwashers never really caught on because either they are not compatible with Indian cooking or they are very expensive. But not any more. Bosch Dishwashers are slowly making way into our lives by making them easier at a very affordable cost too!

Recently I reviewed the Bosch Dishwasher as I wanted to check out whether it would be really worth it to pick up a dishwasher which suits Indian conditions specially the water scarcity and the heavy oil cooking issue. I loved the exterior design of the dishwasher and the simple installation process which just took about half an hour. I was explained about the simple and easy way of working by the technician so I didn’t need to worry about anything. Even my parents could use it without understanding technology very well. Check out the following video about how to load the vessels in the dishwasher.

As you can see there are different types of slots for different types of vessels. You need to ensure that all the vessels are kept upside down as the water is sprayed on from the bottom. Very less water is consumed as it is heated up and then sprayed which ensures that all the grime and slime on the vessels is washed away very easily. Do you remember how our parents used to wash very dirty dishes with hot water? That is the exact same logic which is utilized here. This ensures that by the time the vessels come out after the wash, they are well sterilized and also completely dry!

In this video you can see how I’m putting in some very dirty vessels which are filled with oil, grime, milk stains and other masala stains. You need not even wash first and then put them in the machine. You can just put them directly and still ensure they come out very clean thanks to the powerful Bosch Dishwasher. You don’t need to keep only dishwasher safe vessels here too, almost all Indian vessels are allowed in this machine. You need to ensure that you put the right amount of detergent on a regular basis which comes in either capsules or in regular packet form.

For washing different utensils, you can choose different temperatures. For heavily soiled utensils or vessels, you can choose intensive program. For glass and plastics, you can set the temperature to 40 degrees or less and also set less time as these utensils do not need much time to be cleaned. But of course you can mix and match different types of utensils and not worry about washing them together like you would in a washing machine when you wash different colored linens differently.

Bosch Dishwasher Consumes very less water compared to the regular cleaning of vessels and utensils that your house maid would use. It consumes very little power too, so you need not worry about electricity bills too! And of course as all the vessels are completely dry, you need not waste time in wiping them and can directly use them for your next cooking session! Here is the video of how the utensils come out sparkling new and clean after a wash session!

Bosch recommends a certain detergent, salt and rinse aid for the dishwasher. It’s good to use the same rather than use the regular ones. There is a small compartment meant for detergent. For reducing water hardness, salt is added to a compartment in the dishwasher. Rinse-aid is also added for shine and also to prevent water spots which normally remain on utensils after washing them. A 200 ml bottle of rinse-aid lasts for approximately 3 months.

Now coming to the million dollar question, how much does it cost? Bosch Dishwasher pricing starts from just around Rs.35,000 which is really economical for a safe, hygienic, economical and environmental friendly wash – it’s a great return on investment instead of your house help who will charge almost Rs.2000 per month just for washing and you always have to rewash the vessels and waste your time and energy!


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