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Pairing Black Dog with Thai Cuisine


As I’m enjoying my favorite Scotch Whisky with a legacy of over 130 years – Black Dog Scotch Whisky, I try to pair it with different types of cuisine to understand whether it tastes well or not. So when I was invited to a Blogger’s table at Benjarong the Thai restaurant in Ulsoor, Bangalore; I tried experimenting by pairing Thai food with Black Dog Scotch Whisky. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by my findings.

First starter we tried at Benjarong to along with Black Dog Scotch Whisky was the Miang Kham which is a traditional snack from Thailand and Laos. It means “eating many things in one bite”. It has many flavors like ginger, lemon, chillies, peanuts and onions. It is similar to Paan that we have in India but is an appetizer and the burst of flavors in your mouth is amazing!

Next on the list of appetizers were Grathong thong je and Tod mun pla. Grathong thong je was water chestnuts, mixed peppers, corn and peas with minced chicken tossed in a delicate sauce served in rice tartlets. Tod mun pla were Thai fish cakes served with cucumber and peanut relish. There was also Salad in form of Larb Gai which is minced chicken salad with mint and makrut leaves in a spicey dressing. These appetizers were relished by us and we asked for a second helping to enjoy the wonderful taste!

Main course for non-vegetarians was Pahd thai goong (wrapped in egg omelette) which is thai rice sticks cooked in a sweet and tangy sauce with prawns. I wasn’t really excited with this but what impressed me more was the Hormok Talay which was steamed seafood mousse – I loved the delicate tastes in this! To wrap up the main course we had Gai tod nam prik pow which was chicken tossed in a roasted chilli paste.

The birth of Black Dog Scotch Whisky took place almost 130 years ago when James McKinley from the second generation of the Leith Scotch-whisky blending family launched the masterful Scotch Whisky by the name of Millard Black Dog. It is said that in the year 1883 Walter Millard, a Scot from British East India company came searching for the perfect Scotch and eventually discovered the great taste of Whisky in these misty shores of Scotland. Today Black Dog is considered as a 100% genuine Scotch-whisky distilled, matured and blended in the lowland regions of Scotland. After more than 130 years also every time-honored process is followed the same way to produce the impeccable blend of robust, yet smooth Scotch-whisky which is relished as an intricate fusion of delicate tones and soft aromas. For 12 Year Old Deluxe Scotch-whisky, the Master blender guarantees a lavish finishing with a touch of cream. On the other hand the 8 Year Old Centenary Scotch-whisky comes with a promise of giving a balanced, long and intense finishing.

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