Pairing Black Dog Scotch Whisky and Chocolates


As I was researching about my favorite Scotch Whisky, Black Dog Scotch Whisky; I got to know that you can also pair chocolates with Scotch Whisky. This was surprising to me as I always thought that non-vegetarian or spicy snacks pair well with Scotch Whisky. It was interesting to know that Chocolates not only allow you to get the correct taste of the Scotch Whisky as intended but also help in reducing alcohol burn which can be sometimes fateful to your heart.

Did you know that Single Malt Scotches pair perfectly with handmade chocolate? With unique flavor notes ranging from sweet to nutty to creamy to smoky—each Scotch Whisky comes together deliciously with luscious chocolate ganache. Single-origin chocolates are the same in that they take their character from their terroir and microclimate, giving them a true sense of place. For an ideal chocolate and scotch pairing experience, the aroma and flavor profiles of both products should be complemented and augmented.

In other chocolates, Honey and Hazelnut match with the Golden color. Sweetness of Honey matches well with the honey flavor in Black Dog Centenary Scotch Whisky also known as Black Dog 8 Year Old Scotch. In case, the chocolate has a bit of Ginger taste, then it will go hand in hand with the Black Dog Quintessence Scotch Whisky also known as Black Dog 21 Year Old Scotch. Butterscotch flavor chocolates pair well with Black Dog Centenary Scotch Whisky. Almond and Cashew chocolates pair well with Black Dog Quintessence Scotch Whisky.

Most of the Black Dog Scotch variants are with Vanillic sweetness and smooth texture. It pairs well with most of the dark chocolates or nutty or fruity flavored chocolates. In case, you feel that they are too sweet, opt for ginger flavored or spicy or peppered chocolates which will again go hand in hand with the Black Dog Scotch. Do remember not to bite in too much of chocolate. Start slowly or you might miss the taste of the Scotch totally itself!

You must be thinking most people prefer to pair Wine with Chocolates than Scotch Whisky. But the truth is that Scotch Whisky and chocolate pairing works nicely because of the digestive qualities of Scotch Whisky. If it is consumed after a meal, it aids in digestion. A small portion of fine chocolate paired with the Scotch Whisky heightens this experience. In a perfect pairing, both the Scotch Whisky and chocolate should be considered better together rather than enjoyed individually! Hope you dig into your favorite chocolate next time you want to enjoy the taste of Black Dog Scotch Whisky which has a legacy of over 130 years!

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