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Enjoying Black Dog at Mai Tai Lounge in Bangalore


Black Dog Scotch Whisky is my most favorite Scotch drink and I love to enjoy it not just in the comfort of my home but also at my favorite lounge in Bangalore which is the Mai Tai Lounge in Orion Mall in Malleshwaram area. I try to pair it with a lot of different starters available at Mai Tai Lounge. I generally prefer to have it on the rocks or mix a bit of room temperature water so that the flavors of the Scotch Whisky come out properly.

One of the best chicken wings that I have ever had anywhere in the world (and I have had the original Buffalo wings in Buffalo, USA too!) was the Kung Pao Chicken Wings at Mai Tai Lounge – spicy chilli glaze on top of the juicy and flash fried Chicken Wings sprinkled with crushed peanuts for a yummy taste! Served with a tangy sauce, we were licking our fingers not just with anticipation but with stupendous taste which I never tasted anywhere!

Another one of my personal favorites in starters which complimented Black Dog Scotch Whisky was the Maui Waui Shrimp which was Prawns with Maui Dressing and served with a sprinkling of crushed coconuts and cilantro. I added a dash of lemon juice on top of the prawns to make the taste more appealing to my Palate. My taste buds thanked me for this as they were exuberant after having tasted the Shrimps! Taste of these dishes went very well with Black Dog and I enjoyed the pairing.

Generally a place where you have wonderful finger food to go with a classy drink like Black Dog Scotch Whisky, you will not find good main course items to finish your meal. Mai Tai lounge is an exception though as it offers a complete dining experience not just with drinks and starters but also with an elaborate veg and non-veg main course menus. I went for a Mai Tai Island Burger which had a chicken patty, Cho Cho Glaze and was served with Island Slaw and Spiced French Fries. This was actually a meal meant for two so I shared it with my wife and we were blown away by the wonderful flavors in the burger.

My friends tried Chilli Basa Ciabatta which had the grilled basa fish which was marinated with chill-lime, asian tartar sauce and served along with French fries. They said it was delightful and the taste was endearing! It was a perfect night of tasting best Scotch Whisky in the world – Black Dog, amazing food and lots of fun with friends at The Mai Tai Lounge in Orion Mall, Bangalore!

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