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Best cuisine of 5 South Indian states at Simply South by Chef Chalapathi Rao


Simply South is my favorite South Indian restaurant now! Wondering why? Cause it has got an excellent choice of veg and non-veg dishes from all 5 Southern States – Andhra, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Kerala & Karnataka. The food is quite upscale and not too spicy – it satisfies all kinds of people.

Simply South – A Unique Venture by Chef Chalapathi Rao!

The moment we stepped in, we inhaled the aroma of sambrani which sets the tone for your experience. Heavenly Feel!

Simply South is India’s finest South Indian restaurant. Chef Chalapathi Rao’s dream venture, it’s a restaurant that will redefine the South Indian cuisine and heritage. Chef Chalapathi Rao has assembled an expert team of chefs and suppliers who supply only the freshest & finest ingredients.

Simply South has won Times Food Awards for the best traditional South Indian fine dining restaurant in India.

This place will naturally satisfy your taste buds, and you would be left asking for more! The light classical music, simple and rustic decor of the restaurant, as well as the staff here all, make your dining experience just too good.


The menu was crispy with few hand-picked delights of southern states!

Prarambham: (Starters)

The first we tried was the Rasa Vada which for me was quite spicy. Mini vadas in rasam soup were lip-smackingly good.

The Chapa Vepudu (Vanjaram Fish Fry – Simply South’s signature dish) was a deep fried fish, incredibly soft and tasty.

The Kozhi Varuval which is Chennai treat was a nothing but a crispy chicken pakoda which was good. It was soft, tender and juicy.

Bhojanam: (Main Course)

Telangana Alugadda Vepudu (Potatoes blended with unique Telangana mixture) – Telangana Dish. Awesome, I just loved it.

Palakura Pappu (A delicious combination of spinach and lentils, a household dish of Telangana) – Telangana Dish.

Kozhi Malliperlan – Stew with loads of vegetables, chicken, coconut milk and spices, Nothing could beat this when combined with the appam which in itself were soft and filing. Appam (A deliciously soft, lace edged, rice pancake) – Kerala Dish.

Annam: (Main course)

Plain Rice (Steamed rice) – Andhra Dish. I enjoyed with Pappu and Aloo fry. Honestly, it tastes good, too good indeed.

Madhuram: (Desserts)

Simply South

When you are at Simply South, not having Sheer Korma (Traditional Hyderabadi Dessert) is a sin, in my opinion, they serve the best Sheer Korma. It leaves a lasting impression making you go for a repeat!

Their motto is ‘good food and good service’, the basic recipe for success.


The staff was attentive and friendly. A limited number of staff were present, each and every aspect was taken care of. Overall, Simply South is a wonderful place to visit for various South Indian flavours. You can enjoy all these because it’s economically priced. It is not just in Hyderabad but also in Bangalore now and expanding quickly to other places too!

Simply South Gachibowli
1st Floor, Apurupa Silpi, Beside HP Petrol Bunk,
Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana.
Tel: 04040180809

Simply South Bangalore
48, New BEL Rd, AG’s Layout,
Mathikere, Bengaluru 560054
Tel: +91 7349717999



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