Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre in Scotland


The new Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre in Scotland harnesses 3D technology to bring Scottish history to life. You can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with medieval warriors and armored knights while learning about the tactics of two opposing kings in a truly immersive experience. You can also Witness the sights and sounds of medieval battle first-hand including ancient battle strategies, weapons and armor. Each visit takes you through thrilling 3D interpretation of characters and events as you Prepare for Battle and culminates in a visit to the Battle Room.

To fully enjoy the experience, it is strongly recommended to take part in an interactive BATTLE GAME led by the Battlemaster, which includes a demonstration of how Scotland triumphed in 1314. Alternatively, you can just hear how events panned out in 1314 with a short Battle Show, narrated by academics Dr Fiona Watson & Dr Tony Pollard.

In June 1314 the history of Scotland as a nation was about to change forever. It was at the Battle of Bannockburn that Robert Bruce, King of Scots, would face down the English army led by Edward II. Edward, keen to retain the stronghold of Stirling Castle, had led a huge army through Scotland to lift the Scots’ siege of his garrison at the Castle. Achieving this was vital to Edward’s hopes of re-establishing his weakening grip on the country, but he was stopped short by the army of Robert Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn.

Over the two days of battle, 23-24 June, Edward’s army was repeatedly thwarted by the Scots stubborn resistance before finally finding themselves trapped by the surrounding terrain with no room to maneuver their huge force. The result was an unprecedented rout of King Edward’s army. Located near the historic city of Stirling, the battleground still evokes the landscape that would have been seen by medieval soldiers in 1314 when the area was a royal hunting park.

As part of the new experience, a virtual environment immerses visitors in a compelling and realistic medieval battle. Focusing on the brutal mechanics of war, it’s the tactics and choices of Robert the Bruce and King Edward II that take center stage. The experience also explores the stories of the battle, common myths and misconceptions as well as the wider implications that the battle had on Scottish history.

Led by the ‘battlemaster’, every visit culminates in visitors either leading their own division of medieval soliders in a dramatic battle simulation or observing a simulation of the battle. Input from leading experts ensures that the experience is as authentic as it is breathtaking; allowing you to witness the sights and sounds of medieval battle as it would have been in 1314.


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