Kung Fu Panda Adventure Ice World in Macao


enter site Kungfu Panda Adventure Ice World is an ice sculpture exhibition which has been created by world-class ice sculpture artists from Harbin. They have carved out wonderful sculptures from thousands of colorful ice cubes. Along with the primary attraction Kung Fu Panda, there are other famous animations from DreamWorks also such as Madagascar, Shrek, How to train your dragon, etc.

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köp Cialis Sverige There are a series of “Kung Fu Panda” theme adventure missions and games, food, souvenirs and other stalls. This children’s favorite activity yielded the most happiness for my son Reyansh. In the exhibition, each level has been carefully designed into a small game of physical strength and brain activity. The visitors have the opportunity to get in touch with the “Dragon Fighter” Awa and some other DreamWorks Superstars to enjoy an unforgettable “DreamWorks Experience.”

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source url First of all, I have to tell you that the world of ice is not allowed for children under the age of 1, because the real world of ice and snow is really too cold! Even for us, it was quite cold though we were given the long coats. They don’t give gloves, so it’s better to carry our own. At the entrance of the ice world, we can see Madagascar penguins sitting on the arch and going inside you can see  Shrek. Entering feels like I’m walking into the animated world of Shrek and Princess Fionna, and their lovely children.

go here After moving further, you can come across Madagascar animation characters such as King Julien, Maurice, Mort, Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, and others. There are ice chair thrones, so you can sit and take photos to experience the feeling of the jungle king. Next walking into the Kung Fu Panda’s frozen Jade Palace is very exciting; there are some adventure games to participate. Games like Rows of Slides make people addicted to playing.


Buy Cialis 25 mg in Billings Montana The ice sculptures here are very vivid and different from the monochromatic ice sculptures that we have seen before, and the expression of the ice sculptures is lifelike, the cartoon is 2D, and the live ice sculpture is 3D. The cartoon characters are really eye-catching.

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free chat online dating australia If I think about it, it seems that I haven’t been as happy as a child since a long time. The things we get are getting better and better, but the innocence and the ability to experience joy are diminishing. We need to understand innocence more profoundly. This Kungfu Panda Adventure Ice World experience brought the child out of me, and I was lucky to find a wonderful way to spend my last holiday in Macao.

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There are a lot of ‘How I trained my Dragon’ characters also which are really life-like! I definitely suggest going for this exhibition!


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