Wonderful experience in Tata Zest blogger meet in Goa by BlogAdda

It all started with a mail from Harish Krishnan of BlogAdda. He asked me to keep the weekend of 26th and 27th July free for an unforgettable experience. I was wondering what it will be as I know BlogAdda arranges some exciting events for its star bloggers like car drives, events, books, prizes, etc. Immediately I blocked my time as I was sure I was never going to miss it for anything! Slowly the details started trickling in that it was the beautiful state of Goa which is going to host us.

As a part Goan (I grew up there) and someone who loves the sunshine state, I was really excited to go there albeit for a weekend. And then the most exciting news came up – I was going to be a part of 50 top bloggers from across India who are going to be flown down to Goa to experience something which many Indians haven’t experienced yet – the smashing new Tata Zest sedan car! Though the car is going to be officially launched only in August, we got an amazing opportunity to experience it much beforehand!

We landed in Goa from different parts of the countries and met at the airport which was wonderful as we could put faces to names of bloggers we have following and interacting for a long time. We drove down to beautiful Zuri sands resort where luxury was at it’s best. We were welcomed by Harish, Anant and Ankita of BlogAdda who made us comfortable and ensured that we were fed well so that we could exercise our brain cells in a better way.

After initial discussions and high tea, we were welcomed by Miss Malini the most famous fashionista blogger of India. She welcomed the Tata Motors team who explained to us the concepts of DesignNext, DriveNext and ConnectNext. It was wonderful to see the videos of how the entire Tata Zest car was conceptualized and how the young team (mostly in their 20s) drove it to amazing conclusion.

Then we had most amazing surprise of the evening as we got to meet the Indian F1 racer Narain Karthikeyan who has been the brand ambassdaor of Revotron engines which are the next-gen petrol engines which power Tata Zest cars. It was amazing to see a childhood hero up close and interact with him. It was wonderful to see that Narain was involved quite a bit in the creation and testing of Tata Zest which is a wonderful thing to see. He spoke about the 3 different modes of Tata Zest Petrol car which is City, Eco and Sport which you can use in different situations. The evening ended with a nice cocktails and dinner session where we also interacted with the designers and engineers behind the creation of Tata Zest which promises to Zest up our lives!

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